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Shotgun microphone
SuperCMIT 2 U


AES42 Interface
The SuperCMIT 2 U is a digital microphone. Its output signal format is AES42, Mode 1. This means that it runs on its own clock (48 kHz) and must be driven by an AES42 input with a sample rate converter (SRC). With the optional PSD 2U powering adapter, it can also be used with a conventional AES3 input having built-in SRC.
The AES42 standard defines the interface for digital microphones. In the simplest case AES42 requires only an AES-3 interface plus 10-Volt digital phantom powering (DPP). AES42 interfaces are available in some equipment such as the RME DMC-842 8-channel interface and the Sound Devices 788T, 664 or 633 as well as the AETA 4MinX.


Options for connecting the SuperCMIT 2 U
In the document AES42-Devices you learn about current, compatible digital interfaces.