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AES42 Powering Box with digital and analog Outputs

  • powers digital microphones
  • has both digital and analog outputs
  • inputs and outputs are available through a Sub-D breakout cable
  • all connectors are on the front side
AES42 Powering Box with digital and analog Outputs Mini-DA42

The Mini-DA42 serves for powering digital microphones (especially the SuperCMIT) and for converting their output signals to analog.
It allows to operate digital microphones at devices which only offer analog inputs.

Inputs: AES42, Mode 1 (XLR-3F, 110 Ohms, black label)

Outputs (available through included Sub-D breakout cable):
– AES3 (XLR-3M, 110 Ohms, blue label)
– 2 × analog (XLR-3M, yellow and red label), balanced, referring to ground, maximum cable length: 300 m

Indicators: Green LED for power; red LED for "unlocked" (turns off when a digital microphone is connected and the circuitry of the Mini-DA42 locks on to that signal).

Power: DC 12 - 18 V / 200 - 500 mA, available through included AC adapter PSD DC with HIROSE plug.
Operation is also possible with other AC adapter models or batteries / rechargeable batteries.

Dynamic range of the Mini-DA42: 112 dB (A, RMS), >98dB (CCIR, q-peak)

Dynamic range of the SuperCMIT with the Mini-DA42: >107 dB (A, RMS), >96dB (CCIR, q-peak)

breakout cable for Mini-DA42